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Software Development

Hi, I'm Matt Magpayo.
I design and build software.

With experience delivering on a wide variety of tech, I'm a full-stack developer that enjoys conceptualizing ideas that use software to enrich our lives. Go ahead and browse some of my work or feel free to say hi.

Sabre Hospitality Solutions
Senior development for Sabre Hospitality's main offerings, SynXis CRS and Guest Connect Booking Engine, and their underlying services.
ASP.NET, ASP.NET MVC, WCF, Oracle, jQuery | 2009-2013 as employee of Sabre Holdings
Philanthropy In/Sight
Led development and architecture design for The Foundation Center's In/Sight application, a custom thematic mapping Google Maps mashup. Video Tour
ASP.NET, Javascript, Flex | 2008-2009 as employee of Velir Studios
Redesigned and developed personal website using a more vCard driven style.
ASP.NET MVC4, MSSQL, jQuery, jQuery Mobile, Azure (old)
Designed and developed this personal blog and portfolio site, built as a home for my web presence and work.
PHP, mySql, jQuery, HTML/CSS | Replaced with new design
CHCF's iPhone Applications
Led development on the California Healthcare Foundation’s set of iPhone apps California HealthLine and iHealthBeat.
iPhone SDK, Objective-C | 2008-2009 as employee of Velir Studios Search and Slideshows
Custom Google Search implementation and user slideshow functionality for, main site for the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation.
Java, PrototypeJS, XSLT | 2008-2009 as employee of Velir Studios
Thematic mapping at
Led development on thematic mapping using Google Maps.
ASP.NET, MSSQL, jQuery, Flex | 2009 as employee of Velir Studios
Kaiser Health News
Various improvements to's Sitecore CMS based site. Implemented the Brightcove API integration.
ASP.NET, Sitecore CMS | 2009 as employee of Velir Studios
Designed and developed this consumer web blog on boston startups and internet tech.
PHP, mySql, Flash, HTML/CSS | Discontinued until further notice
ZoomInfo's Powersearch
Development for ZoomInfo's flagship paid web product, ZoomInfo Powersearch.
ASP.NET, MSSQL, Javascript | 2006-2007 as employee of ZoomInfo
ZoomInfo Salesforce CRM Integration
Development for ZoomInfo’s Salesforce CRM integration using the AppExchange API.
ASP.NET, MSSQL, Javascript | 2006-2007 as employee of ZoomInfo